Reduce Time-to-Fill by 45% in 3 Months Without Transforming Your Entire Recruiting Process

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Async Interview is a suite of video interviewing tools. Our products are built to address a process bogged down in inefficiencies, rising costs and laborious procedures.

With Async Interview, you get to:

Share a Candidate With The Hiring Team And Have Them Review, Rate, And Leave Notes  On Their Own Time.

Brand Your Organization And Record Video Questions To Increase The Candidate's Perception Of Your Company.

Analyze Over 25 Crucial Recruiting Metrics To Improve Your Hiring Process

Your organization is strapped for cash, so in the last 5 years your recruiting department has had to do more with less. Now you're feeling overhwelmed that your business continues to grow, but you can't keep up with the amount of people that you have to hire. At this point, you've found about 5 seconds to breathe, and you pick your head up and are exploring recruiting technologies to help your department hire more people more efficiently.

Async Interview Helps You Reduce Your Time-To-Fill. Say Goodbye To Lenghty Recruiting Times And Hello To Happier Candidates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a demo?

We can setup a 30-minute demo within the next 24 hours so we're not delaying your evaluation process.

We've used Skype in the past, how is this different?

Great!  Skype is a fantastic starting point, but many organizations don't realize their are different types of video interviewing tools.  We have a live and pre-recorded video interview technology.  The majority of our clients use our pre-recorded which allows candidates to record their responses on their own time, something very different from Skype.

How will I benefit from this demo?

First, we hope to help you better understand the different tools available to you and then see which tools would fit your current processes.  If none of the tools are a fit, you will still leave the demo having a better understanding of what is out there.  

Will I have to buy something after the demo?

No.  We will help you understand the tools available and see which may be a fit and we'll be the first to tell you if there's not a fit.

We are a very collaborative organization and decided to try the Async process because we needed to reduce the time it took us to recruit.   Because the Async video interviews were completed so quickly and our selection committee could view the interviews at any time, our hiring process was greatly reduced from approximately 3-4 months to 6 weeks with quality hires.   

We found that in just one year the percentage of HR managers saying their company at least sometimes uses video interviews went from 14 percent to 63 percent.



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